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Get the Latest GTX Imaging, Editing, and Raster to Vector Technology From Us

EDIT YOUR CAD FILES Make use of all your legacy paper data!

GTX lets you bridge the gap between your old engineering paper archives and today’s CAD technology.

Accomplish More Tasks modify and enhance scanned raster archives with the speed and flexibility

Windham Systems provides you with advanced imaging solutions from GTX!

  • GTXRaster CAD® Series
  • GTXImage™ CAD Series
  • GTXImage CAD™ View
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Do you want the latest technology?

Whether you are in search of image viewers or tackling projects and need to clean up, edit, and convert your scanned archival engineering drawings or maps into a CAD environment, Windham Systems offers the solutions, services, and support that will meet your needs!

Within minutes you can update drawings and convert your legacy paper to CAD – saving time and money!

(US Authorized Distributor for GTX Europe, LTD.)